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About #YoSigoPublicando

What defines #yosigopublicando?

Courses with cross-cutting themes. Our courses focus on cross-cutting issues that affect all scientific communities, specialising especially in issues related to the publication, communication and evaluation of scientific results, always from an applied and practical perspective. We also offer courses on work organisation, R&D project development, scientific careers, research methods and much more.
Education and open science. All #yosigopublicando courses are recorded through Google Meet, then uploaded to YouTube and included in this platform to centralise all the materials generated. The courses are recorded openly for the whole community using Creative Commons licenses and, therefore, contribute to a model of education and open science in line with the current times and a public university.
Dynamic bottom-up community. We place importance on building a community through a participatory dynamic that encourages both students and teachers to act at times as both identifiers of needs and teachers, bringing the best of their experience and knowledge to the group. You can get to know, interact and participate in our community at Telegram where we answer doubts, questions, disseminate information, and so on. 
Global learning community. Another of the characteristics of #yosigopublicando is that participation in its community and attendance, or teaching of courses, is not restricted or limited to students and researchers at the University of Granada. Any student and professor from any European and Latin American university can freely participate. We are also open to other professional communities.

The origin of the platform

The project #yosigopublicando was born as a reaction to the situation of confinement we were forced into in March 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic. At that time, the aim was to virtualise the courses of the Research Promotion Plan of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Transferdirected at the time by Daniel Torres-Salinas who would lead the initiative. Therefore, these virtual courses aimed to serve two communities with common but diverse interests: researchers with more established careers, and postgraduate students in the formative stages of their research or professional careers.

One of the most remarkable features of our community was the quick reaction to the COVID crisis19 as we launched the first course on 24 March, less than two weeks after the unexpected confinement. #yosigopublicando continued in the 2020/2021 academic year in the same format and structure. Thanks to the institutional and unambiguous support of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Transferas well as the International Graduate School, the initiative, despite being a home-grown emergency and action-oriented response, has achieved wide dissemination and high rates of participation and uptake.

Teaching innovation and special action plan

It is precisely in order to be able to continue the work of the #yosigopublicando during the academic year 2020/2021 a request was made for a "Innovation and good teaching practices project", within the programme "Advanced and Coordinated Teaching Innovation Projects".financed in a competitive call for proposals by the Quality, Teaching Innovation and Foresight Unit. The project was solicited by Daniel Torres-Salinas under the title ".yosigopublicando: platform for the training of researchers and postgraduate/master's students"and it was definitively awarded on 18 December 2020 with a financial amount of 3.000 Euros and code 20-140. The project has also been additionally funded with a grant of 1,500 Euros through a special action of the Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia (Research and Transfer Plan). The platform that you are currently using and that we have inaugurated in the academic year 2021/2022 (3rd Season). We would like to thank SI2the supercompany in charge of web development.

Open Telegram group

Don't know which journal to choose to publish in? don't know how to share research data? want to know what the H-index is? are you preparing a research project and have doubts?


If you have any doubts or incidents, you want to collaborate by giving a course or you have any suggestions, you can contact us through the contact form or our Telegram group.